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Onboard new customers in minutes, not days.

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Customer onboarding is one of the most critical and complex business processes. A simple and quick way to sign-up new customers not only lowers drop-out rates but can also help to improve user retention and lifetime value.

Protergia, the largest independent electricity producer company in Greece, trusted Trebbble to craft a mobile onboarding journey with a goal to improve customer acquisition and loyalty metrics.

Protergia On mobile app, the outcome of our cooperation with Protergia, is part of the brand’s digital transformation efforts to orchestrate the entire customer lifecycle and automate back-office processes.

Our role.

  • Strategy

  • UX/UI Design

  • Android & iOS Development

Increase growth.
Reduce costs.

Our challenge was to increase growth and profits by offering customers a seamless experience to complete their onboarding process.

Attract new customers

Generate more leads, especially younger ones, by targeting mobile app users and providing them with tailor-made energy plans.

Reduce drop-out rates

Convert more leads to paying customers by removing fragmented onboarding journeys with high application abandonment rates.

Lower customer acquisition costs

Automate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes that require large workforces and high costs.

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Onboard in minutes, not days.

Asking users to go through a lengthy onboarding process can be frustrating. We make sure that new customers are enrolled in less than 5 minutes.

Short onboarding flow

We designed an onboarding process that is fast and requires the minimum time and effort to complete. The key to fewer drop-outs.

Guided process

Our progressive flow effectively guides users throughout the required steps. We provide clarity and transparency all the way.

Minimum typing requirements

Asking users to fill in numerous forms can discourage them from completing their application. We eliminated meaningless input.

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Keep everything tidy

Convenience and clarity are key when it comes to viewing and submitting trailing documents. We keep everything tidy, right inside Protergia On app. No more emails or frustrating support phone calls.

  • Trailing documents

    Inform users on the documents (different for each customer segment) that need to be submitted in order to finalise their application.

  • Submission history

    Provide transparency by letting users view their documents’ submission history.

  • Multiple applications management

    Applied for your home and your cottage? We’ve got you covered. Track all your applications right inside your smartphone.

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More speed.
Less friction.

Our seamless onboarding journey leverages mobile technology to enable users capture and submit trailing documents within the Protergia On app, in the blink of an eye.

  • Effortless submission

    Why ask users to scan and email documents or even bring a printed copy of them to a retail branch? We empower users to submit documents from the comfort of their home, right from their smartphone.

  • Take photos

    Via smartphone’s camera, users can take photos of their ID, passport, or other documents and instantly submit them for further processing.

  • Upload files

    When it comes to multi-page documents, users can simply upload a file. Thus, we further reduce the number of manual interactions required during the onboarding journey.

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Delight users

We created a beautiful mobile app experience that inspires users to take action and complete their onboarding process.

Clean interface

Protergia On stands out for its proper visual hierarchy and simplicity. The key to high usability.

Elegant aesthetics

Inspiring graphics complement the onboarding journey and make it feel enjoyable and effortless.

Lightweight animations

Beautiful, yet lightweight, animations and micro-interactions skyrocket customer experience.

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