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Mobile Lottery

A fun and inspiring mobile lottery experience.

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Intralot, the leading gaming operator active in 42 regulated jurisdictions around the globe, trusted Trebbble to realise its mobile lottery vision and bring the lottery experience, traditionally taken place in physical retail stores, into the mobile space.

Our challenge was to create a modern and fun playing experience that would attract younger audiences and strengthen player loyalty.

Mobile Lottery, the outcome of our partnership with Intralot, set the basis for a new product, offered by Intralot to all its customers around the world. Trebbble also undertook the design, development, and support of the initial installations for OPAP and PSCO, the National Lottery of Greece and Philippines, respectively.

Our role.

  • Strategy

  • UX/UI Design

  • Android & iOS Development

  • Mobile Marketing

Host each operator’s full game suite

Mobile Lottery is not just an app. It’s a platform built to support all games of each regulated lottery operator around the world.

  • Multi-game support

    Support for the most popular lottery games, including Keno, Lotto, Powerball, Instant Wins, and more.

  • Brand customisation

    Easy and fast customisation of application’s visual elements to match each operator’s distinct brand guidelines.

  • Dynamic layout

    Dynamically configured grid that harmonically blends operator lobby with promo areas and offers quick navigation.

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Support multiple game mechanics

Each lottery game not only has its own mechanics but its own brand guidelines as well. Mobile Lottery perfectly adapts to these needs.

  • Game mechanics

    Native support for nearly all types of numerical game mechanics, such as single/double matrix, pick-x, spiel, live draws, etc.

  • Innovative gameplay

    Creative and quick coupon creation based on live weather data, location data, statistics, and more.

  • Game themes

    Easily configured game colours, graphic elements, promos, and all aspects related to a game.

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Inspire action with captivating content

Traditional lottery experience relies on boring hardcopy coupons filled with numbers. Mobile lottery leverages the gaming experience using inspiring content that excites and increases player engagement.

  • Inspiring photography

    Aesthetically pleasant and inspiring interface that attracts users and helps to increase conversions.

  • Promo areas

    Ad spaces to help operators creatively highlight their promotions without disturbing gameplay.

  • Rich media push campaigns

    Emotionally engaging rich media push campaigns that increase brand awareness and player spending.

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Increase player engagement

Timely notifying users about upcoming jackpots or prizes is crucial for lottery operators to increase playing frequency and revenues. Mobile Lottery integrates with OPAL Customer Engagement Platform, and totally addresses these needs.

  • Automated communication

    Automated messaging of winning players thanks to OPAL’s well-defined and easy-to-integrate APIs.

  • Personalised messaging

    Message enrichment with individualised content (such as player’s name, last gameplay, winning tickets) that makes each interaction unique; the key to player retention.

  • Churn elimination

    Out-of-the-box Identification of players with high propensity to churn and hooks provision to win them back.

Mobile Lottery summary 4

Make payments as easy as a game

Thanks to Mobile Lottery, users can settle their coupon payments quickly, easily, and in a secure way.

  • Wallet management

    Players may top up their wallet and pay their coupon instantly, right inside the app.

  • Anonymous payments

    Users may create their coupons within the app and pay offline in retail stores using a unique QR code.

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Promote players’ collaboration

Collaboratively create coupons and split cost right inside the Mobile Lottery application. Play together, win together!

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Provide clarity. Amplify gaming.

Mobile Lottery not only provides clarity by displaying an extended list of historical game data (such as number frequency/overdue, common pairs, triplets, etc.), but also helps players to faster create coupons based on such statistical data.

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Bring fun to every device

Consistent lottery experience and profile management across multiple device types. From smartphone and tablet devices to custom, retail terminals.

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The official lottery app of OPAP

Trebbble undertook the design, development, and support of the initial installations for OPAP and PSCO, the National Lottery of Greece and Philippines, respectively.

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Mobile Lottery




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