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The Cooking App

Cook smarter. Enjoy food every time.

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At Trebbble, we envision, design, and develop products that add value to people’s lives and unlock brands’ growth potential.

This time, we challenged ourselves to create an app that makes the cooking experience smarter; an app that can help food industry-related brands uncover new revenue streams and thrive in the upcoming post-mobile era.

Our starting point was “What if”? What if rising technologies – such as Mobile, Augment Reality, IoT, Voice Assistants, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning - could be combined in a meaningful way and make cooking routine easier, educative, more delicious, and more enjoyable?

How it works

Why users will love it!

A cooking app tailored to you

Enjoy a truly unique and personalised cooking experience that adapts to your own tastes, nutrition habits, and cooking skills.


The onboarding journey enables us to capture your core diet preferences and personalise app experience as soon as possible.

Contextual content
Contextual content

Save time from endless scrolling. Instantly view recipes that are relatable to your profile, seasonality, and time of the day.

Personalised search suggestions
Personalised suggestions

Search results, recipes, and cooking tips are tailored to your own, distinct tastes and needs.

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Start cooking within seconds

Most cooking apps offer a plethora of recipes that requires time and effort to explore. Our sophisticated recommendation engine helps you find the recipes you crave, right when you need them. Save time; focus on taste!

  • Predictive recommendations
    Predictive recommendations

    The more you use the Cooking App, the more accurate it gets. Get personalised and contextual recipe proposals thanks to our Machine Learning algorithms.

  • Rapid search
    Rapid search

    As-you-type suggestions ensure accurate and fast search results.

  • Smart filters
    Smart filters

    Narrow down search results using our smart and dynamic filters.

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Simplify cooking.
Elevate taste.

Improve your cooking experience thanks to our innovative and handy tools.

Servings adjustment
Servings adjustment

Achieve 100% cooking success by accurately adjusting recipe’s ingredients based on the number of servings you wish to have.

Unit converter
Unit converter

Easily and practically convert units (such as volume and weight) without using a scale. No need to google it again.

Shopping list
Shopping list

Automatically add recipe ingredients to your shopping list and order them online from your nearby grocery store. Right inside the app.

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Get inspired, get organised

Weekly meal preparation finally made easy. Keep recipes, weekly meals and shopping list in a single place. Review, adjust, and share them.

  • Meal plan
    Meal plan

    Effortlessly organise your weekly and monthly meal schedules. Keep everything tidy and always accessible via your mobile device.

  • Cookbook

    Get inspired and create your own cookbook. Gather your favourite recipes and share them with your friends. The ultimate cooking companion!

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Your personal sous-chef

Let Cooking App be your sous-chef! Watch recipe-related videos and dictate video progress using your voice. Never miss a step. Never let your hands away from cooking.

  • Video instructions
    Video instructions

    Cooking requires focus and your hands (always) engaged. Our step-by-step tutorial videos help you watch and listen to recipe instructions.

  • Voice assistant
    Voice assistant

    Use your voice to pause/play a recipe video and even go back and forth to watch again what you may have missed.

  • AR guidance
    AR guidance

    Let technology improve your cooking skills. Using Augmented reality (AR) we provide you with cooking tips and walk you through every step of a recipe.

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Your smart kitchen,
your control.

Got your kitchen upgraded with smart appliances? Use the Cooking App to control all your smart equipment, without even moving a finger!

Remote appliance control
Remote appliance control

Connect the Cooking App with your smart kitchen, your smart refrigerator, and so on. Define and track cooking time, temperature, and other essentials. Even get notified when your food is ready!

Voice commands
Voice commands

Exploit the possibility to cook while keeping your hands free. Rely on voice commands to turn your appliances on/off remotely, adjust food temperature, set timers, and more.

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Monetise Cooking App

Why brands will love it!

Monetise loyalty

Cooking App comes with free and subscription plans. Leverage membership levels to grow and monetise your brand’s user base.

  • Subscription plans
    Subscription plans

    Benefit from easy-to-adjust, built-in subscription plans to monetise your customers.

  • Loyalty
    Build loyalty

    Establish lasting relationships with your customers and ensure recurring revenues.

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Engage users.
Inspire action.

Engage your app audience with messaging campaigns and help to improve retention and monetisation efforts.

Personalised notifications
Personalised notifications

Notify users even when they are not inside your app. Inspire them to take action and increase conversions.

Rich media
Rich media campaigns

Emotionally engage users with interactive, rich media campaigns. Increase brand awareness and further boost conversions.


Use behavioural data (such as cooking habits, preferences, reaction to past campaigns, etc.) to build segments and micro-target your customers. Keep your messaging relevant and prevent churn.

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Better understand and serve your customers

Get to know exactly how users interact with the Cooking App and access all essential insights to fine-tune your content.

  • Custom reporting
    Custom reporting

    Monitor the behavioural attributes that uniquely make sense to your business, such as famous recipes, most common nutrition habits, average cooking skills, and many more.

  • Growth
    Growth and engagement

    Out-of-the-box track user growth, engagement and retention KPIs.

  • Visualisations
    Handy visualisations

    Access meaningful visualisations that enable you to extract customer insights faster and easier than ever before.

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Build new partnerships

The Cooking App offers a great chance to establish partnerships with a variety of stakeholders; from local grocery stores and food suppliers to recognised chefs, food bloggers, smart appliance providers, and more.

Benefit from Cooking App’s dynamic and personalised promo areas and rich-media campaigns to exploit new revenue streams along with your partners.

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More work.

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