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OPAL is a customer engagement platform that helps brands build impactful, one-to-one customer relationships on mobile an web. OPAL combines behavioral analytics, advanced segmentation, and rich-media, personalized messaging to help growth teams improve their engagement, retention, and monetization efforts.

OPAL push notifications OPAL Mobile push notifications
Increase app conversions
Deliver push notifications to personally engage users and increase your mobile app conversions.

Push notifications

OPAL personalization OPAL Personalization
Improve customer loyalty
Deliver truly personalized experiences and make each interaction unique; the key to convert and retain your customers.


OPAL segmentation OPAL Segmentation
Increase message relevance
Use behavioral, location or device specific data to build segments and micro-target your customers.


OPAL location targeting OPAL Location targeting
Boost in-store sales
Trigger real-time, location-based campaigns to your customers to drive in-store traffic and generate more sales.

Location targeting

OPAL web push notifications OPAL Web push notifications
Increase web conversions
Reach your website or e-commerce visitors anytime, anywhere and benefit from omni-channel engagement.

Web push notifications

OPAL analytics OPAL Analytics
Make smarter decisions
Get to know exactly how users interact with your brand, both on mobile and web. Get actionable insights and improve your marketing ROI.