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Palo News Digest

Your news reading mobile experience.

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Trebbble, in partnership with Palo Services, created Palo News Digest, a solution that revolutionises the way of reading news on your mobile device. Palo News Digest is the single news app you need in order to stay always informed, even when you are offline!

Trebbble leveraged the innovative news search engine of Palo Services (which scans a magnitude of news sources and extracts summaries without human intervention) and created a mobile solution that lets users have an instant, easily-digestible, and complete overview of the news in just a few seconds.

Palo News Digest comprises two core offerings, namely News Digest and Personalised News Feed. News Digest notifies users on the most important news stories, three times a day (8:00 / 12:00 / 18:00), so they do not miss anything! Personalised News Feed offers an in-depth, real time news stream, based on users' interests. Hot Topics and Video Stream further complement the news consumption mobile experience.

Palo News Digest is available for Android and iOS platforms, and is currently available in 5 countries, including Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Turkey, and Romania.

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Our role.

  • Strategy

  • UX/UI Design

  • Android & iOS Development

The challenge.

Trebbble was challenged to transform the time-consuming and cumbersome process of reading news on mobile devices to a handy, daily habit for mobile users. Trebbble was asked to take advantage of the Palo Services most fully-featured news search engine in SE Europe and craft a usable, fresh mobile app that will set Palo Services as an innovator in the mobile news industry. High levels of aesthetics, speed and repeatability were the key performance metrics Trebbble had to meet.

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Palo News Digest


Palo Services


Jun 2015

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