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myWIND Website Redesign

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Following the successful delivery of the myWIND mobile app, WIND asked us to amplify the myWIND experience for web users, too. Our brief was to design the simplest and most elegant way for WIND consumer and business customers to manage their account from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Until then, WIND logged-in web environment was misaligned with customer expectations. As an aftermath, customer support received a high number of calls from users complaining about their bills or looking to manage their WIND account.

We partnered with cross-functional WIND teams to execute a strategy that aligns business and customer needs. Via a series of iterative design sprints and prototypes, we crafted a responsive web design system that best fits all browsers and screen sizes. As a result, we transformed the WIND logged-in environment into a handy, delightful experience that allows customers to seamlessly view their balance, pay bills, activate add-on services, enjoy personalized offers, and more.

One of the most critical parts of the project was to redesign the electronic form of bills in order to provide clarity and minimise customer support load.

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Our role.

  • Strategy

  • UX/UI Design

  • Responsive Web Design

The challenge.

The key challenge was to design an online environment that effectively serves both consumer and business users. These two customer segments share totally different needs, goals, and restrictions. Complexity was even higher given the fact that business users may manage one to thousands connections, at the same time.

In order to tackle this challenge and ensure continuity across the entire myWIND experience, we created a design system that no matter which team is working on what feature, a seamless experience is achieved. This framework was welcomed by brand managers, design, and development teams.

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myWIND Website Redesign




Sep 2019

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