Boosting Community Engagement

Trebbble in partnership with Intelen, a growing cleantech IT company and innovator in Smart Building Energy Analytics, created a mobile solution which engages users and affects energy demand in real time using social and gamification principles.

Intelen's in.gage mobile application gives the possibility to consumers and employees in big commercial buildings to monitor the energy consumption of the building, receive push mobile notifications from the platform regarding behavioral actions needed to save energy and engage in sustainability games to compete with others and win prizes and awards.

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Our role

  • role mobile consultancy

    Mobile Consultancy

  • role ux

    UX/UI Design

  • role android & ios development

    Android & iOS Development

The challenge

Create an innovative mobile solution, driven by gamification-based principles. Trebbble had to put in force all its technological and user experience expertise and create an application which would entice users into completing energy related tasks. Moreover, Trebbble had to design and develop a cloud infrastructure which would drive users' actions and enable the seamless production of behavoral analysis reports by Intelen innovative monitoring platform.

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Jul 2014

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