A POS designed to boost businesses!

Trebbble, in partnership with CLUEY, developed a smart and intuitive Point of Sale (POS) with a goal to boost business performance! CLUEY POS, targeted specifically for cafes, bars, restaurants or coffee shops aims to be the next generation of POS, globally. Trebbble, was asked to build on the cloud-based infrastructure of CLUEY, and further design and develop a handful, yet powerful iPad POS.

Via the iPad POS, businesses may benefit from centralised product management and order taking; even offline. The CLUEY system comprises a plethora of handful features such as order handling and printing across all store departments, table tracking, customer loyalty support, real-time reporting, etc. In a few words, CLUEY iPad POS is the single, smart tool to manage the use of your pub, café or restaurant.

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Our role

  • role mobile consultancy

    Mobile Consultancy

  • role ux

    UX/UI Design

  • role android & ios development

    Android & iOS Development

The challenge

CLUEY iPad POS aims to boost business performance; on a daily basis. This way, it should be fast, accurate, convenient and stable even when in offline mode. Trebbble, had to re-imagine the User Experience of the iPad POS application and, at the same time, bring it to life with accuracy and robustness. Throughout the whole project lifecycle, challenges related to database syncing, real-time data handling, and multiple device management had to be addressed in order to ensure the maximum level of performance.

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Aug 2014

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