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Mythical Peloponnese application is a fun and educating way to get to meet Peloponnese, located in the region of southern Greece. The applications constitute a modern, creative way of destination marketing, since they are created in such way that inspires users to visit Peloponnese.

By playing the official entertainment games of the Region of Peloponnese you may expand your knowledge about this mythical destination. This is a great way to learn about the history and the beauty of Peloponnese and uncover its magnificent places and traditions.

Each application, for iPhone and Android devices, comprises two engaging games, related to all the prefectures of the Region of Peloponnese, namely Arcadia, Argolida, Korinthia, Lakonia, and Messinia. The content covers a wide variety of topics related to history, geography, nature, culture, gastronomy, and local products.

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The challenge

The goal of the project was to create engaging mobile applications that will act inspirationally for the users, triggerring them to visit Peloponnese and explore this breathtaking destination. However, this should be harmonically coupled with an entertaining and educational way, and at the same time be aligned with the brand identity of the "Mythical Peloponnese".

To this direction, the mobile applications were designed in such a way that they could support extensive use of photographical elements. As an aftermath, most of the questions found in the games are enriched with photos which help users visualize the question and also get inspired to experience in person what is depicted. Moreover, the design of the applications comprises photo galleries and image backgrounds, varying by game and prefecture, so as to further boost the inspirational impact.

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Feb 2013

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