The telco mobile experience re-imagined

WIND trusted our expertise in crafting meangingful mobile experiences and asked us to to give a significant boost on Q brand's mobile presence.

This boost should reflect both on customer experience and on business KPIs. To meet these goals, Trebbble orchestrated a holistic re-design of myQ mobile app that was based on personalisation, speed, and simplicity.

A revamped navigation scheme that increases discoverability and bundle activation speed was designed from scratch. Moreover, Trebbble created an infrastructure that enables Q brand managers to provide dynamic, timely, and consistent branding, even on a personalised level.

Finally, with a goal to increase awareness and conversions on time-limited Q offers, we integrated myQ app with OPAL, our customer engagement platform. Thanks to OPAL advanced segmentation and deep-linking capabilities, myQ purchase path is significantly minimised and more sales are generated for WIND.

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Our role

  • role strategy


  • role ux

    UX/UI Design

  • role android & ios development

    Android & iOS Development

  • role cloud services

    Cloud Services Development

  • role user acquisition

    User Acquisition

  • role mobile marketing

    Mobile Marketing

The challenge

The main challenge was to re-position myQ app from a utility app to a strategic business tool that can further enhance Q brand perception, improve conversions, and delight customers.

To this direction, our main efforts were placed on coming up with a fresh, clean, and intuitive design that engages app users over time. At the same time, we had to create a solution that builds upon personalisation in order to optimise customer journey and further increase conversions and sales.

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Jan 2018

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