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How our people culture makes us different.

Published by Thanos Makris, 9 May 2019.

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Since day one, we were a People company.

When we started out, at the initial company growth phases, Trebbble was what the Marketing Theory calls it a “question mark” and indeed many questions were at hand. You know, starting up means that you simply do everything you can, to put things in place and start earning respect and trust by peers, partners, and the first customers.

Back then, we were determined to build Trebbble with the best possible people. We knew that having talented co-workers and experts in-house, was the foundation to make impactful work and shine in the industry.

But this was not the only reason…

…with a DNA of Excellence.

We, Trebbble’s founders, are tech guys that have been trying to excel in every aspect of our work and professional development. So, it is only natural that our recruitment efforts look for candidates under this prism. We recruit experts that value excellence in everything they do. Not because they are told to, but because this is a core attribute of their personality.

This excellence angle, besides being the founders’ DNA, is also an integral part of the company’s positioning “An excellence driven company that provides innovative mobile solutions to help brands unlock their business growth potential”. It means we all strive for perfection, not just for the sake of it, but with purpose to help our customers grow and flourish.

Our People strategy makes us different.

Consequently, the ‘People-strategy’ became, and continues to be, one of our main focus areas:

  • We give emphasis on personnel selection criteria. In the interview setup, we discuss customer and industry issues before resumes. You see, we don’t hire impressive CV’s, but open-minded and brilliantly creative people.
  • Before the qualifications, the universities, and the diplomas, we partner with A-team players, genuine, driven, and competent people.
  • We hire real experts in tackling business issues and thinking by the consumer angle before technology. This leads to relevant and innovative solutions for our customers.
  • Trebbble’s team members don’t overvalue the “I” element but strive for the “We”. Together. In every brainstorming, in every day’s lunchtime, in every process step that we follow for our business.
  • Every team member is unique. Everyone counts. Everyone has an area of expertise, a task, and a partner to co-create solutions, or propose something ‘out-of-the-box’.

We build teams that co-create.

We want to flourish talent and have people coming at work every day with a smile, doing what they love. The result of this? In every step of our working process the team innovates, experiments, and works smoothly together with the ultimate goal of helping our customers grow.

We are keen on spending time together, listen to each other, learn from each other and develop together. That, in turn, nurtures mutual respect, and trust.

We find opportunities to work and relax in our premises. We get to laugh a lot, while working productively. You can find us brainstorm in meeting rooms, in the lunch area, and at creative relaxation spaces. We all do our best to sustain this friendly work environment.

We invested in our new offices and facilities so that they work at best for our people and their productivity. We didn’t do it for the hype of ‘showing-off’, but to emphasize the importance and the value of the work they do. Nice, open, sunny, and colorful offices that boost creativity, inspiration, and collaboration.

Each management team member works among the company’s teams, sharing the same creative moments and customer interactions. This allows us to remain pragmatic and get personal which in turn help us sustain this diverse culture.

We will continue aligning business values with our life approach.

If you want to build genuineness and integrity in your company’s culture, take what you stand for in your life and apply it to your business.

As the CEO of the company, I coordinate our business with the values of respect, perseverance, empathy, and politeness. First and foremost, with our people and then with our customers and partners. These are the values that matter to me and these are the values our people should feel every day.

All the above result to this core strategic decision: We will continue to invest in our people no matter how much we grow, even though getting bigger makes it more difficult and more complex. It’s totally worth it.

This is the Trebbble’s People Culture. These are the principles upon which we choose our team members and the way we work. If you believe you share the same values with us, you are an expert in your field and want to make a difference, then you should contact us.

We are hiring and you might be our next team member!

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