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Ideas In Action approached Trebbble to help them design the most successful chat and dating app experience in Greece.

Having successfully launched lalemou app in Cyprus, Ideas In Action envisioned to further enhance its anonymous chat experience in a more engaging, fresh, and effortless way. To this direction, Trebbble completely re-designed the whole app so as to make it easier and more attractive for users to chat and to date more.

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Our role

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    UX/UI Design

The challenge

One of the most challenging project aspects that Trebbble had to tackle was to increase the number of chats each user performed within the app. This was critical in order to ensure increased user engagement and user retention as well as to help Ideas In Action achieve its business objectives.

This was achieved primarily by embracing a series of psychological principles and framing effects. Additionally, carefully crafted UX design, that among others comprised a totally new paywall and proper iconography, helped to exceed CX and business goals.

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Ideas In Action


Jul 2017

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