The most easy and neat way to keep track of your crypto investments
  • Do you want to know how much your crypto investments worth right now? BlockHero is made for you!
  • Do you consider entering the crypto space and want to track Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto coins? BlockHero is made for you!

With BlockHero mobile app, you can track Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other popular crypto coins and stay up-to-date with your crypto portfolio. Our mobile-first approach enables you to monitor your crypto portfolio wherever you are.

BlockHero supports over 2000 crypto coins so you can track almost every crypto coin out there. For every single coin, we make sure you get the market details you actually need to know; meaningful information accompanied with intuitive charts to further help you get a clear view of coins price fluctuations over time

Elegant design, multi-lingual content (support for 9 languages), personalised alerts provided via OPAL and live updates set BlockHero one of the most neat, easy-to-use, and accurate way to keep track of your crypto portfolio, globally!

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The challenge

Our goal was to transform crypto portfolio tracking, a rather cumbersome and hard process so far, to an effortless, handy, and beautiful experience!

For this reason, we designed BlockHero with emphasis on simplicity, clean design, and high aesthetics. At the same time, we eliminated all unnecessary steps and useless data to help users monitor their crypto portfolio without confusion and frustration.

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May 2018

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